Topic:Issues in Real Estate Transaction deals

Thursday (5/10) 11:00am – 1:00pm

Topic:Issues in Real Estate Transaction deals

Presenter:Lawyer Garry Shapiro
In the process of making a real estate deal, when you encounter problems and doubts, you often seek help from your experienced colleagues. The answer you got may be right, may be wrong. Sometimes you often only know it, but do not know why. So it is very necessary to conduct a systematic carding of your own business knowledge.  On this Thursday's seminar our old friend , lawyer Mr. Garry Shapiro will explain to us four types of real easte contracts. The opportunity is rare, hope everybody arrange your time for this seminar in advance ! The following is an outline of the lecture:
  • Standard agreement of purchase and sale
  • Condo agreement of purchase and sale
  • POTL agreement of purchase and sale
  • Parties
  • Deposit
  • Chattels / Rental items
  • Title Search
  • Residency
  • Insurance
  • Family Law Act
  • Conditions
  • Condo issues
  • POTL’s common elements condo
  • Assignments + HST
  • Is GST+HST payable? And on what amount?
  • Rules on HST housing rebate
  • Rules on siblings parents etc.
  • Residential rental rebate rules
  • CRA+ taxes – Business income vs Capital gain
  • Free rent periods
  • Renewal of lease
Language: English
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